How do I get started with Physical Therapy?

You do not need a prescription to receive physical therapy in Colorado. However, your insurance company may require you to obtain one in order to submit charges under your plan. You can have your physician’s office fax your prescription to us, or you can bring it on your initial visit. Either way, contact our office to set up an appointment. We are usually able to schedule your initial visit within the first week after your call, depending upon your availability.

What do I bring to my first visit?
  • Physician’s prescription for physical therapy (if it was not faxed to our office)
  • Your insurance card (or cards, if you have secondary insurance coverage)
  • Your New Patient Forms (if you choose to print and complete them a home)
  • Any additional information about your injury or surgery, such as X-ray or MRI results
  • A list, or awareness, of medications you are currently taking
  • Additional information about your medical history including pertinent surgeries/medical conditions
  • Your personal appointment calendar for scheduling future visits
What should I wear to physical therapy?

Wear comfortable, loose clothing that will enable the therapist to treat your particular injury site; i.e., wear shorts if your leg, knee, or back is being treated.

How early should I arrive for my appointment?

If you have completed your New Patient Forms from this site, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow our front desk personnel to copy your insurance card(s), explain your insurance co-pay/co-insurance, or collect your self-payment for the visit.

If you have NOT completed your New Patient Forms from this site, please arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time to complete paperwork.

What should I expect on my first visit?

Upon arrival to our office, our front desk personnel will collect the necessary paperwork and make a copy of your insurance card(s). We pre-authorize your insurance benefits and will review them with you, and collect insurance co-pay or co-insurance that is applicable. You’ll meet your therapist who will review your medical history, perform a comprehensive evaluation that may include an evaluation of your muscles, joints, nerves, tendons and ligaments, posture, range of motion, and strength and functional testing. Based on your physician’s diagnosis, our assessment, and your personal goals, an individual treatment plan will be developed. Most patients receive treatment and home exercises on their first visit. Future appointments will also be scheduled.

How long will appointments take?

The duration of your visit will vary based on your diagnosis and injury. Allow approximately 1-1/2 hours for the initial exam, and subsequent visits last approximately 45 minutes.

What types of treatment do you perform?

We will customize a program geared toward your particular injury, which could include various types of manual therapy techniques, stretching, therapeutic exercise, or functional exercise. Modalities such as heat, ice, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, or iontophoresis may be used to reduce swelling and improve muscle relaxation. Treatment is performed in a private room as well as a gym setting, using a variety of athletic and rehabilitation equipment.

How often will I attend physical therapy?

Most patients attend two or three times per week. The duration of therapy depends on the severity of your injury and your doctor’s prescription; however, your commitment in keeping therapy appointments and performing your home exercise program will help you recover faster.

We will do all we can to schedule appointments that are convenient for you. Bring your calendar; the further out you can schedule your appointments, the easier it is to get times that fit your schedule.

Do you communicate with my doctor?

Yes! We have a team approach to your care. We communicate your progress to your physician through frequent progress notes and phone calls. If there are additional physicians on your team that need information regarding your progress, we will be glad to communicate with them as well. We are committed to the goal of helping you recover as soon as possible.

How much will each visit cost me?

Our office will contact your insurance company and verify your physical therapy benefits prior to your initial visit. Your out-of-pocket expense for each visit depends on your particular insurance plan, whether or not you have met any applicable deductible, and what your co-pay/co-insurance is. The majority of insurance plans include benefits for physical therapy. Most patients average between $0 and $50 co-pay per visit, which is due at time of service.

What about Insurance?

We take most major insurances.  Please visit our Insurance info page for more information.